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Pack and ship valuable items and industrial items securely with high-quality pallets and crates. Mister Pallet is a trusted plastic pallet supplier in Malaysia that offers a wide range of pallet and crate products, offered at competitive prices.

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Consumables and provisions are often stored in a way that is easy to haul when it is time to put them on the shelf. They are usually light in weight but careful stacking is needed to avoid damage. In this case, getting pallets from a reliable light duty plastic pallet supplier in Malaysia is needed.

Mister Pallet is your trusted pallet provider in Malaysia that offers a wide line of pallet products and solutions for businesses. We aim to make our products and services available to clients and businesses to help manage their supplies and inventory.

Trusted Light-Duty Plastic Pallet Supplier in Malaysia

Light duty plastic pallets can hold up to 1000 kg (dynamic load) to 3000 kg (static load). Although these pallets are lightweight, they are expected to hold and stack items with ease and for a long time. Mister Pallet’s inventory of lightweight pallets are used by industries like pharmaceuticals, consumables, and food producers.

These pallets are made from durable materials that can withstand extensive stacking and can last for a long time. Also they are also easy to clean and sanitize and ideal for stacking food supplies for groceries and food stores.

Expert Consultants in Plastic Pallets in Malaysia

As a leading pallet supplier in Malaysia, we always aim to meet our clients’ expectations at every opportunity. Whether they are an up-and-coming business or a big player in your industry, we are here to provide you the necessary assistance and products to address your stacking and storing needs at a price that you can afford.

We provide various kinds of plastic pallets including nestable pallets, single-sided plastic pallets, double decker plastic pallets, hygiene plastic pallets, spill pallets, reversible pallets, medium-duty plastic pallets, heavy duty plastic pallets, and more.

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